What Is UJUZI?

UJUZI is a collaboratively produced alternative learning program for East African artists. UJUZI adopts a holistic approach to artistic education encompassing creative research methodologies and contextual thinking to develop conceptual and aesthetic rigour. The program is delivered through a partnership between the Nairobi Contemporary Art Institute and Untethered Magic.


UJUZI Is For...

UJUZI is for artists living and working in East Africa with specific research questions that they want to examine in order to develop their creative practice. The program cultivates multilayered practices where research and process are as important as the final outputs.

UJUZI Artists

How UJUZI Works

UJUZI takes the form of a year-long mentorship with three in-person intensive residencies at Untethered Magic, followed by a month-long public presentation which may include, an exhibition of artistic processes and new work, a publication, readings, performances, screenings, or other forms of sharing, to be held at the Nairobi Contemporary Art Institute (NCAI).

Program participants will be matched with a mentor for monthly meetings. Additionally, they have the flexibility to arrange discussions on specific thematic questions that may arise during the program with a faculty of advisors. At the halfway point, they will engage in practice sharing sessions with three external practitioners jointly invited by Untethered Magic and NCAI.

UJUZI Mentors