Commencing on the 26th of September 2024, this exhibition at Nairobi Contemporary Art Institute (NCAI) serves as a platform to highlight and illustrate the essence of the program.

Its primary objectives are to:

  • Enhance Audience Appreciation: By providing an in-depth glimpse into the creative process, the exhibition seeks to enrich the audience's comprehension of conceptual art development.
  • Diversify Engagement: The exhibition aims to diversify audience interaction by exploring innovative approaches within the exhibition space and fostering connections with new demographics.
  • Fundraising Endeavors: Concurrent with the exhibition, fundraising activities will be pursued to bolster financial support.

Key Dates:

  1. Exhibition Design Finalised: Sep 13, 2024
  2. Exhibition Installation Begins: Sep 16, 2024
  3. Exhibition Opens:
  4. Press Days: TBC
  5. Exhibition Walkarounds: TBC
  6. Public Talks: TBC
  7. Exhibition Closes: Oct 26, 2024

The finalization of the exhibition's design and installation is scheduled from September 16th to 24th, during which participants have the opportunity to invite a guest artist to collaborate with them for one or two days during the installation process.

Further details will be announced here as the program develops.