This residency program offers a unique platform for artists and mentors to establish meaningful connections. It encompasses several key components:

Initial Presentations:

At the outset, both artists and mentors engage in introductory presentations, providing insights into their respective backgrounds and artistic practices.

Participants will be in residence at Untehered Magic while mentors will tune in online for Residency One.

Field Trips

Throughout the program, artists and mentors embark on exhibition and studio field trips, fostering dialogue and exchanging feedback with the artists.

Studio Visits

Early in the residency, participating artists receive individualized studio visits, and as the program progresses, a comprehensive review and feedback session is conducted towards the conclusion of the residency.

Writing Workshop (Full Day)

A dedicated day is allocated for a comprehensive writing workshop, designed to enhance the participants' written communication and documentation skills.

Participants: Will be announced here on Nov 22, 2023.