UJUZI Governance

UJUZI promotes a culture of collaborative creativity and experimentation. This requires active participation from all UJUZI stakeholders, including staff, programme Artists, collaborators, and online and in-person audiences. We must all work together to create a welcoming and inclusive environment in which everyone's safety is prioritised.

Respect for both physical and emotional boundaries is essential. All Artists in UJUZI are expected to be mindful of their language and behaviour, considering whether it may cause harm to others. Recognise that without open communication, it is impossible to determine another person's boundaries. Violence and non-consensual physical contact are strictly prohibited in this space. If someone expresses that your actions are making them uncomfortable, you must immediately change your behaviour. We have a zero-tolerance policy for verbal or physical abuse, harassment, and sexual assault.

Policy Against Sexual Harassment and Gender Based Discrimination

UJUZI Data Privacy Policy

Accessibility Statement