Sandra Wauye

Sandra Wauye


Sandra Wauye known as Sandy is an emerging self-taught painter, illustrator and sculptor based in Mombasa, Kenya. Her current work deals with personal themes of grief, trauma, and collective healing.

For Sandy working with clay—a medium both breakable and capable of exquisite reassembly facilitates a method that contemplates the temporal nature of grief. Her intention is to create sculptures that explore various methods of healing, forming connections, finding solace and extending grace to one another.

Sandy recognizes that art, in its deepest essence, often remains confined to niche experiences, accessible primarily to the privileged few who have the opportunity to actively pursue the practice. Her desire is to integrate her sculptures with her community, allowing their collective narratives, and experiences, to be woven into the fabric of a collective practice.

For an artist at such an early stage in her career, Sandy, has had a prolific journey thus far. Her exhibitions include “Surfacing” at Xenson Art space in Kampala in 2023, “Women in Tech'' at the World Bank/IFC in Nairobi in 2023, and the “Sanaa Art Exhibition” at the McKinsey center in Adelaide, Australia in 2023. In 2022, she participated in “Shifting Tides'' at the Kobo Arts Trust in Nairobi, “Pink Flame'' at the Village Market in Nairobi, and the “Affordable Art Show” at the National museums of Kenya in Nairobi. She also showcased her work at the “Art Affair '' at the One off Gallery in Nairobi in 2022, and the “Manjano Art Exhibition '' at the GoDown Arts Centre in Nairobi in 2019.

In terms of residencies, Sandy recently participated in the "32° East Residency" at the Uganda Arts Trust in Kampala in 2023 and the "Bahari Huru Residency" at Jukwaa Arts in Mombasa in 2022. As a professional, she is constantly seeking opportunities to enrich her practice.

Deeply influenced by the Zeitgeist of our era, Sandy’s work serves as a cathartic response against the negatives of our time, transforming societal pain into a form of healing and understanding. Her paintings have become a medium for exploring how people navigate through pain, hurt, and grief by depending on each other. As she continues to collect these stories, she contemplates how she can use her art not just to share people’s stories, but also to collaborate with communities to foster an environment of healing. She is driven by the quest to understand how art can create a space for sharing pain, not just for artists and creatives, but for everyday people as well.

Sandy’s research proposal aims to explore this not just in painting, sculpture and community engagement. Sandy, is committed to contributing her research centered around creating spaces and objects of healing to the UJUZI mentorship group. Sandy is keen on using the insights gained from her research to foster unity and healing among individuals.

As she begins her journey with UJUZI, she carries with her a set of aspirations that reflect her passion for art and community. She hopes that by the end of the program, she will have fostered a small community of artists, curators, mentors, and creatives who generate a supportive environment for each other.