Elena Marchevska

Elena Marchevska


Dr. Elena Marchevska is a distinguished scholar, educator, and practitioner in the field of Performance Studies, holding the esteemed position of Associate Professor of Performance Studies and Director of Postgraduate Research at the School of Arts and Creative Industries within London South Bank University (LSBU). With a career spanning over a decade at LSBU, Elena has made significant contributions to the academic and artistic landscape, particularly in the areas of performance, migration, and environmental cultural studies.

As an integral part of the academic community, Elena has developed a unique research agenda that centers around the intricate relationship between performance, the politics of migration, and environmental issues. This intersection of diverse disciplines has led to a wide-ranging body of work, with a special focus on topics such as belonging, the female body, the border, and intergenerational trauma. Elena's scholarly efforts are characterized by a commitment to exploring the profound and multifaceted experiences of individuals navigating the complexities of migration, cultural identity, and environmental challenges.

At LSBU, Elena Marchevska also holds the position of Course Director for the prestigious MA in Creative Performance Practice, where she shapes the curriculum and provides leadership in nurturing the next generation of performance practitioners. Her pedagogical approach is deeply rooted in collaboration and feminist principles, emphasizing the importance of inclusive and interdisciplinary learning experiences.

Beyond the classroom, Elena Marchevska is known for her innovative approach to research, which often blends personal experience and academic rigor. By employing auto-ethnography and practice as research methodologies, Elena brings a unique and holistic perspective to her writing and teaching, bridging the gap between theory and lived experiences.

One of Elena Marchevska's notable accomplishments is her role as the co-creator of the groundbreaking research creation project 'Finding Home' (2018-2020). This interdisciplinary initiative brought together an international team of scholars, artists, and community-based partner organizations from Canada, the UK, and Australia. The project's mission was to explore the concept of home within the context of strict migration policies in these countries, with a focus on generating cross-border discussions through local practices. 'Finding Home' is exemplary in its approach to knowledge mobilization, where all project Artists are actively engaged in the process, contributing to a comprehensive exploration of migration, artmaking, and the pursuit of citizenship.

In addition to Elena Marchevska's extensive work on migration and environmental cultural studies, she has dedicated over a decade to researching maternal performance and the portrayal of children in performance. Her co-edited volume, 'The Maternal in Creative Work: Intergenerational Discussions on Motherhood and Art' (Routledge, 2020), alongside Valerie Walkerdine, is a testament to her commitment to exploring the rich interplay between motherhood, art, and intergenerational relationships.

Elena Marchevska is a respected figure in both academia and the artistic community, known for her thought-provoking research, innovative teaching methods, and a steadfast commitment to amplifying the voices of those affected by migration, motherhood, and environmental issues. Her work at LSBU and contributions to the fields of Performance Studies, migration studies, and environmental cultural studies have had a profound impact on our understanding of these complex topics. As a trailblazer in collaborative, feminist, and experiential research, Elena Marchevska continues to inspire and shape the next generation of scholars and practitioners.