UJUZI 2023 - 2024 Mentors

The UJUZI 2023-2024 Program features three prominent mentors who are accomplished artists and educators from diverse backgrounds:

Usha Seejarim a prolific conceptual artist from Johannesburg, South Africa, renowned for her innovative use of everyday objects to explore the domestic role of women. Her work, marked by circular repetition and social commentary, has been exhibited globally, making her a vital voice in contemporary art.

Abdullah Qureshi a Pakistani-born artist, curator, and educator, working between the UK, Canada, and Pakistan. He delves into personal histories, traumatic pasts, and sexuality through painting and filmmaking. His doctoral project, "Mythological Migrations," investigates queer identity and resistance in Muslim migratory contexts, making him a prominent figure in the art world.

Elena Marchevska, based in London, UK, is an Associate Professor of Performance Studies with a profound focus on the intersection of performance, migration, and environmental cultural studies. Her feminist and collaborative approach to teaching and research has resulted in groundbreaking interdisciplinary projects, such as "Finding Home," which explores the notion of home in strict migration policy countries. Elena has also contributed significantly to the study of maternal performance and children in performance. Join us for a transformative journey under the mentorship of these outstanding individuals.

The role of mentors is to:

  • Give rigorous critique, and share their knowledge and experience relative to the participant’s research interests and intention(s).

  • Advise on methodologies investigative and analytical techniques, as well as formal and aesthetic strategies.